Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Arf Arf

Yesterday, I got two flat-pack bookcases from Argos with my nice £25 Reward Vulture from work.  I coulda sworn the catalogue indicated these weighed about 3.5 kg each - ha!  Try 11.75 kg!  Borrowed a trolley (£10 deposit) to get them back to the car park.  The trolley was related to Del-Boy's Reliant Robin (two wheels back, one wheel front - piece of crap all round) - negotiating the VERY narrow pavement up to the Priory Car Park, the thing swerved and was about to fall off the kerb into the path of an oncoming car when a nice chap walking in front of me with his wife, turned round and grabbed the thing before it could do any damage.  He then pulled (and I pushed) it all the way back to my car.  Bless the Kindness of this Stranger.

So, today, I started to try to assemble one of these items - sheesh!  After two hours' struggle, I had three pieces joined shakily together and blisters all over my hands from trying to get the screws in.  Time, I thought, you lost your fear of power-tools and got a cordless drill.  And here it is - what a little cutie.  Arf Arf*

*Tim "The Tool Man" Taylor™ :)

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