Friday, 30 July 2010

Horological Horror

So we were talking about magic, crystals an' all that malarkey. "Well they put quartz in clocks, don't they and a digital watch would have seemed pretty magical in the mediaeval Weltanschauung", said young Jenkins, who's a bit of a True Believer. It then became blindingly obvious that the great witch-burning craze was all down to an epic communications FAIL between some time-travelling dude and the locals.

Time Traveller (who may, or may not, be a doctor): "Good morrow, yeomanly-but-simple village folk, what time is this?"

Villager: "Time? What's that then?"

TT: "Why, time is that which I may know by glancing at my watch." (Displays somewhat ostentatious chronoscope.)

Villagers (all): "A WATCH!!!! Burn him!!!!!!"

Easy mistake to make, that. Hence the necessity of Good Enunciation.

As a public service, this blog is happy to offer the following handy reference material:



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