Sunday, 1 August 2010


Awoken at 4 of the morning clock by the rustling of plastic bags (in which are stored hundreds of beads and semi-precious stones). Turning on the light in order to remove whichever cat has decided they are playthings, I see the cat simply staring at a bag moving, so it appears, of its own volition.

"Oh shit, they've brought in a rat", was the first thought and so I threw a heavy cardigan over the bag, took the whole lot outside to the river bank and out fell a tightly-curled up adult hedgehog! No way the cats could have dragged Mr Tiggywinkle in so he must've wandered to my bedroom under his own steam.

No photo of the actual beastie alas, as camera batteries on charge. Here is a very similar critter. Note: cardi straight in the wash; hedgehog fleas are vicious - I'd tend not to put them on the kitchen scales either.

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